AA’s core value is to use what is already around. Pieces are made from thrifted, vintage or surplus textiles and yarns. Obviously, this means that there are limitations, which is why I am in dialogue with each customer when making their desired style from textiles and yarns that are available.

Waste is only waste if we do not use its potential. I find potential and value in even the smallest scraps. The small scraps can be made into patchwork pieces or used as filling.

Made to order service. In dialogue with you, we will find the best way to make your dream style from collection NO.1, GARDEN, or NO.2, LAKE, come alive.

Rental service. Why own when you can rent? If you need a special piece for a special occasion, this is where to go!

Lastly, it is also possible to shop styles that are already made. Go to “SHOP NOW” where you will find collection NO.3, SKY, and sometimes some woven styles as well.